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What do you do with your old designs? Sell them, let them sit, re-use?

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    My first pair I managed to squeeze behind the tv In the living room (powered by a SMSL Q5 pro Dac/Amp). Sounds a lot better than the built in tv speakers but obviously not ideal because you can't see the drivers and they are sat right next to each other.

    Second pair I sold the drivers, threw away enclosures and kept all the crossover parts.

    I'm currently using the 3rd pair but not sure what to do with them when I start the next project.


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      All designs are art, and I've only gutted 2-3 pair, and all others are left intact. Some sold, some given, some kept.

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        I build most of my speakers with the intent to use them until they sell. Once they sell, I move on. Though, there have been some I've given away, they do make nice gifts. And I've done some specific designs by request. Those that don't sell or didn't work out like I'd hoped, those are the tough ones. Depending on the drivers, some ended up in the trash, some I've given away. Some take up closet space.


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