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New tool for you veneer guys--Azebiki

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  • New tool for you veneer guys--Azebiki

    I'm veneering my S2000 speakers in pear wood burl (which is a huge PITA, it's brittle and likes to crinkle, but is gorgeous.
    So far, my new MVP tool is a Japanese Azebiki.

    Lay it flush against the side of the work. Trim with the crosscut side. Excess veneer falls off. Clean up with a sharp plane....minimal dust, minimal fuss, great results.

    While I haven't bought a veneer saw, I'm in no rush.
    This has the added benefit of being wicked sharp, impulse hardened, and has clearance for handles....just letting you know!

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    Any issues with cutting through glue squeeze out?
    John H

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      Rips through it with good technique.
      Generally, I recommend running a utility knife through the area first to score the cut...a Hock violin knife or Murphy Mill knife is better....a hand forged Kiridashi is even better yet.

      The Azebiki is like a veneer saw on steroids.


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          Are the teeth set to both sides of the blade, or is one side flush? I have been quite happy with how my Veritas flush-cutting saw trims veneer. I cut from the bottom at an angle, engaging the teeth on the down stroke to avoid tear out. I am in the process of veneering a set of DN-10 cabinets, and the blade followed the gentle curve on the front nicely.