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Advice on loudspeakers for desktop pc

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  • Advice on loudspeakers for desktop pc

    Hi! My old logitech Z-340 finally died after several years of service.
    I was told it's better to use bookshelf loudspeakers and an amp.
    Or should I look for decent pc speakers ? I
    Any advice is welcome

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    I recommend the Helium or Bantams. There's even a new design called the "passive aggressives". For a simplier, cost effective build, the Sprite separates are good. Most mini amps will power these in near field no problem.


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      My PC has a 2.1 system with a 8" Tang Band sub with a PE 2.1 plate amp, along with a pair of various small 2 way speakers I have built. A cheap DAC cleans up the audio, no special sound card. The only store bought PC speakers I have used were very low end 10 dollar units. I really don't know what's available commercially for PC sound.

      I'm happy with my setup.


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        Read about these.


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          I agree. Use bookshelf speakers and an amp. I do. Love it.