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  • Driver geometry questions

    I'm learning how to use Jeff's 'Passive Crossover Designer'. I have watched all the Tube videos on this program but I'm still confusf on how to set up the Driver Geometry (circled in the pic). I know how to convert inches to meters. For example purposes, how would i set up driver geometry in a 2-way design using a Dayton Classic 5-1/4" round woofer and the round Dayton Classic 1-1/8" silky tweeter? Do I leave the Woofer "Y" value 0.000 and make the Tweeter "Y" value -0.??? (? = the distance the tweeter centnr would be when placed above the woofer). Also, do I need to worry about the Woofer "Z" value? If I do, would that value need to be a negative (-0.???) value? Say a -1/2" to -3/4" since its such a small woofer. Thanks for any help.

    Thanks for whoever suggested changing the settings in Windows to make things on the screemm super huge so I can see better.

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    If you hover over the boxes with red triangles in the upper right corner, they will pop up with tips that explain each setting. Typically, you use the tweeter as a reference, so it will be at position 0,0,0 (x,y,z). In your example, let's assume you have a 2-way TM with the woofer directly below the tweeter on the baffle. The woofer X position would stay zero since there is no offset. If there is an offset, a negative value is to the left of the tweeter and a positive is to the right. They Y position of the woofer would be meters (center to center distance on the baffle) since it's below the tweeter. A positive value would be above the tweeter. The Z value is the acoustic offset. This is arguably the most critical value (depending on crossover frequency) because a very small difference will result in a large change in the acoustic phase relationship between the drivers. This needs to be measured acoustically. There are lots of references on the forum as to how to do that. A negative Z value is typical for a woofer as that puts the acoustic center of the woofer further from the microphone than the tweeter.


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        I think I have j pretty good grasp on how to set things up now. Not knowing what driver to use as a starting point confused me the most but now I know. Thanks for both responses, they helped.