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brand new 10" ultimax with glue joint problem - return or use warranty if necessary?

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  • brand new 10" ultimax with glue joint problem - return or use warranty if necessary?

    So I was breaking in a brand new Ultimax I just received.* Naturally it was a 20Hz test tone to get the excursion flowing.* After a while I heard a ticking noise, and found this:* the epoxy/CA/whatever at the triple joint was allowed to roll-over into the 1st trough of the surround:

    This is the case on both sides where the tinsel leads are.* This is not how my other (used) Ultimax is, and thus works just fine.* The noise was the adhesive that had lifted off the trough of the spider (at all 4 points) was smacking the spider, like 4 little feet tapping as the assembly traversed from peak-to-peak.* Hopefully you can see what I mean in this picture:

    I don't suspect it would be a world-ending problem as I'll never run anything below 30ish Hz, but still, I know for a fact it shouldn't be that way and I can only suspect that there is a small chance that the section that has lifted out of the trough might take the rest of the joint out with it.* What would you do?* I know it has a 5yr warranty, so that does put me somewhat at ease.

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    If purchased from PE within the last 45 days, call their customer service.* That should be a quick turnaround for a replacement (a few days).


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      Yup, replacement should be no problem... that's a failure, and I'm pretty sure they would want to know about this.
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        10-4.* I'll email the return/customer serv/technical department tomorrow morning with pictures.