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    This weekend we were talking about music and DanP*mentioned he liked funk. I figured I'd post my list of groups here as maybe others can add to it. Ive picked up a few new bands from members here.

    I lean toward instrumental funk, but like most all until it gets too close to Jazz. Stuff that gets too close to Jazz is Medeski Martin and Wood, John Scofield. Although The Netherlands live album is very good. Charlie Hunter also has some funk.

    I'm sharing specific songs only if theres a track that highlights some funkiness.

    James Brown
    Stanton Moore
    The New Mastersounds
    Maceo Parker
    The Meters
    Ben Harper
    Vulfpeck, 1612
    Lefties Soul Connection, Fais Do Do
    Mr President, Left And Right
    Charles Bradley
    Menahan Street Band
    Trombone Shorty
    Incredible Bongo Band
    The Quantic Soul Orchestra, West Pier Get down
    John H

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    Thanks for sharing this, like a lot of people (I'm sure) my experience with funk is mostly only the baseline popular stuff like Dazz Band, P-Funk Allstars, etc. I have some listening to do!
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      Where is the King of funk George Clinton ?

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        It's Bootsy baby!


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          Agree with post 3 & 4
          And where is Sly & the Family Stone
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            There's a lot there that I've never heard of John - thanks!* Off the top of my head, my list would consist of:

            War (my all time favorite band)
            Average White Band
            Ohio Players
            O' Jays
            Sly and the Family Stone
            The JB's (James Brown's band without the man himself)
            Curtis Mayfield
            Isaac Hayes
            The Temptations (they got pretty funky later on)
            Fort Knox Five

            I'm sure there's a few more, but that's all I can remember for now.

            Tall Boys
            NRNP Computer Sub
            The Boxers
            The Hurricanes
            The Baronettes


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              There's a new Funk hall of fame near PE in Dayton: The article linked also includes a Spotify Playlist put together by the organization's president.


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                My first LP was Rafael Cameron's LP with "Funkdown" on it . Also listened to Parliament / Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins , Skyy,Y& P (of "Don't Stop The Music" fame), S.O.S. Band, Zapp, Cameo, The Gap Band, and the Brothers Johnson, amongst others. I guess I'm dating myself by some of those names, LOL...
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                  All of the above, plus*
                  Zapp with Roger (More bounce to the ounce!)
                  Brecker Brothers (Heavy Metal Bebop)
                  Imani Coppola (Legend of a Cowgirl)
                  TomTom Club
                  Me'shell Ndegeocello
                  Clark / Duke project (Louie, louie )
                  Tower of Power
                  And certainly some of the Cibo Matto grooves.
                  I was the assistant recording engineer on Cameo's "She's Strange" in 1984.
                  Yeah, it was the Larry, Tommy, Nate, Charlie, KK show every night for 3 months.

                  Oh, yeah, almost forgot - never figured John H as a funk head.* John, we have GOT to get together sometime.

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                    CURTIS MAYFIELD!



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                      Not sure if Kool and the Gang is funk music but I think its pretty funky sounding. LOL


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                          Herbie Hancock has his Funky moments and of course Stevie
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                          “Pride is your greatest enemy, humility is your greatest friend.”
                          "If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."


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                            Nice! As a bass player by night my core is all funk. Everything from the jazz side like MM&W to the rock side like Infectious Grooves and weirdos like Primus. It's all about that rhythm section. I think the above has covered a lot of my selections, I'll add if I think of more later. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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