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  • Jeff B award

    I thought that I would post this just in case the fact that Jeff received I believe they called it a lifetime achievement award for speaker building. Someone please correct me if that isn't quite the right phrasing. *Congratulations Jeff, life building speakers would be much more difficult, especially for those just starting out, without your software and white papers. Thank you Jeff, a well deserved award.

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    I would certainly like to congratulate Jeff and say thank you for all of his efforts over the years, freely giving of his time to write several software packages, and spending countless hours answering questions on the forum. I don't personally use the original PCD program, but I do use other programs (XSim & WinPCD) that were developed using this software. The blender is another good tool (co-authored with Charles Laub). One of these days, I'm am going to figure out how to use it properly! Another program I like is the baffle diffraction and room boundary simulator. By entering the woofer height from the floor and the distance to rear and side walls, I can see how the low frequency performance of my design is affected and how this interacts with the baffle step adjustment.

    Again, thank you very much for all your hard work over the years,

    Bill S.
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      Jeff's hand has painted all across our hobby--written intellectual works, tools that democratize, and most of all... wonderfully enjoyable speakers. Speakers that, I might add, we can use to share our joy of music and sound with others.

      After the RS28A was discontinued, I went to great lengths to track down an original pair, just to make sure I had not lost chance to own an original pair of Continuums. I took for granted their infinite availability. Yes, the Dayton RS was certainly coming back in some guise or another. Yes, there are now updated members of the Continuum family, and maybe on paper they're even superior. I don't know--I haven't looked. Doesn't matter if there are better speakers. I will always take great pride in having personal use of the real deal.

      Seriously. If my house is on fire, I grab my Les Paul and the Continuums.
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        I've known Jeff personally since about 1999, so it's been a long time. (It's been about as long that I've known Dirk on the forums.)*He is a very open and caring person, with quite a vast knowledge of what we do here. He's been a great mentor for me in the past, and also a great peer in the more recent years. He's a great teacher (has a degree), and knows how*to convey with the right words to explain in detail how this stuff works. I also feel there is no other person currently more deserving of the award. Thank you, Jeff, for all you have done.

        That said- I know where he is coming from in that he's sponged info from others like JohnK, Jeff Candy, Linkwitz, Paul Verdone, and Joe D'Appolito. In that mindset we could all be as entitled if we achieve and explore the horizon's to the extent that Jeff has. This is after all a large conglomeration of people striving as a whole to make this an enjoyable hobby. There are many people that have been involved in the hobby from the beginning that have waged the war against the unknown, to iron out what it is that truly defines what we all want to acoustically achieve. It's also so much easier to get very close to that endgame than it ever has before.

        So yes- Jeff deserves this award, but a lot of other people also have deserved it in Jeff's past endeavors in the hobby. We all help each other, and enjoy the fruit that comes from it in both audio, and in camaraderie.

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          Well said.* I am a novice at much of this, and look to the Jeff's, Wolfs, Kens, Curts, Pauls, Jims, Dans and many others to lead the way and, thanks to their passion and generosity, to provide guidance and learnings.* For those friendly and voluntary services to both myself and the community at large, I am most thankful and offer acknowledgement and kudos.* Jeff is indeed a Master Jedi of the DIY planet.


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            I know of no one more deserving than Jeff Bagby for this honor. * Over the years he has freely shared his knowledge and talents to all, because that is just who he is. * He is a man of no guile or ulterior motives that truly loves what he does, his family and his Faith. *I have learned much from my friend over the years in life as well as speaker building. *Sheldon, Ken, Keith and I often spoke of and built your designs back in the day and remarked about how musical they were. *Good onya, Brother.! * Much love and appreciation from and old Dude. * I pray for good health and great times!
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              Yes, indeed!


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                  I am certainly grateful for Jeff and his willingness to help us all by sharing his knowledge and his software with us. Thanks Jeff! You certainly deserve recognition!

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                    Jeff is the Nelson Pass of Speaker Design...