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    Originally posted by Chris Roemer View Post
    #016-8.2 (8ohm 10w resistor)
    #027-408 (0.68uF poly cap)
    just wire these in series w/each other, and use them across (in parallel with) the woofer's 3.1mH (iron core) coil.
    It probably won't sound horrible w/out this mod, but dropping the cone breakup down another -10dB is never a bad thing. Co$t maybe $3-4?
    I ordered the parts on Monday, received them on Tuesday, and wired up connectors and did the woofer swap last night. That 225 is a really nice sounding driver. I put about 5 hours of music through them and I could hear the low end coming in nicely. I swapped woofers without changing the port or wiring in the tank yet so that I can let the woofs break in and get used to the speakers, then I can let my ears hear the difference once I add the larger port and circuit. I cranked up Steely Dan, Tower Of Power, FKA Twigs, Michael Jackson, Jellyfish, and Allan Holdsworth with about 75 watts pushing them and they handled everything nicely. They are more dynamic than my GPs. I'll report back when I do the next round of changes. Thanks again, Chris! I can highly recommend these drivers for the cost. Glenn.