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    Originally posted by Mayhem13 View Post
    Great job!.....everything so far looks fantastic!

    Didn't make a ton of progress this weekend, but we got the baffles put on. Unfortunately our cuts were less straight on these towers than any of the other speakers we made. There are a few gaps here and there which we are handling with gorilla glue ont he inside and wood filler on the outside to make a smooth finish. Next step is my least favorite: sanding. sanding some more. Then sanding that again.


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      It has been slow-going. Colorado winter has been wet and cold, making it pretty hard to get these finished up. I got the boxes completely sanded and sealed. Ruined the bearing in my orbital sander in the process. After the boxes were smooth I applied 3 thick coats of polyurethane to each side with a brush. Once that cured we got to work on veneer. We had enough 3m adhesive veneer to do most of the project, but we needed to use traditional veneer on the inside faces. After applying veneer I have been working on putting a final finish on all of the wood parts. We are nearly done with that, then will apply the vinyl.

      On one cold day we went ahead and prepared the crossovers. We used laser-cut acrylic plates to layout the crossover and make mounting easy.

      We are only a few steps from done, I am excited to get the project complete and move onto other things.


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        Done at last. Only thing remaining is to run wire through the floor to hook up the surrounds and to tune the system some.

        We hooked up the drivers to some (overkill) wire, fed them through the cabinet, and soldered to the crossover. The crossover was then secured to the bottom with hot glue. We stuffed the cabinets with ~1lb each of polyfill per the design instructions.

        We cut the port to length. One minor confusion we had from the design was how long the port should be. The design reads "3"x6" with flares." We were uncertain how to interpret 6" with flares. If we included the flares in the measurement there was essentially no straight section. If we cut the straight part of the Precision Port to 6" it would not fit in the cabinet. At the end we interpreted it to mean 6" of straight 3" tube with flares added to each end. Since the precision port kit flares each have ~2" of straight on them we ended up adding 2" so there is 6" straight total. I believe this is what was intended in the design.

        I ran out of vinyl so had to order more. It came in and I did the bottom before securing the rubber feet. This will be on hardwood so I opted for thick rubber feet.

        I finished up the remaining sides with vinyl:

        After that, it was time to hook them up and make sure that everything operates as intended. They worked and sound great. The way I have the sub and front channels tuned right now the bass is overpowering but that is just a matter of adjusting sub volume and eliminating the tuning I did to get more from the little speakers we were using before. Very happy with how it all turned out. The blue vinyl looks almost black in the normal interior low light, but when you hit it with sunlight from a window it pops bright blue.

        I will update once I have the surrounds routed and hooked up, but the actual build part of the project is done.