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Not seen this topic before. Space back of driver to back of cabinet. Not wall

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  • Not seen this topic before. Space back of driver to back of cabinet. Not wall

    Is there are rule of thumb as to how much space behind a driver is needed in the box/cabinet? So way you front baffle is really wide, but the depth more shallow.

    So I see this. Martin Logan is a pretty reputable company.* Hard to tell, but this looks pretty thin.

    Of course, they have the money custom design drivers. Not sure if stock drivers would work with so little depth. It's why I ask?
    On the cheap diy. That is my motto -

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    An on-wall speaker should have as shallow a cabinet as possible, to place the null frequency from Allison Effect as high as possible. Ideally the cab would be wide enough so that the baffle step would occur at a low enough frequency that there is no Allison Effect.


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      Easy rule of thumb:

      If the pole piece is vented try to allow as much space as the pole vent diameter from the back wall. IE: 1/2" diameter pole vent, space the woofer 1/2" from the cabinet wall. Same rules apply to port tubes.

      If the pole piece is not vented then no, it does not matter how close it is.
      Your results may vary.


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        If you are concerned with minimizing the reflection of the backwave through the cone, more absorbing insulation can be used as you increase cabinet depth. Types and thickness (ie. depth) of insulation would vary with the frequencies you are trying to attenuate.