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    Hello wise ones:

    I'm looking to ready to pull the trigger on a pair of speakers this summer and have narrowed it down to a few models

    For any that have heard the following, which would you go with and why?  I'm sure I could be happy with an of them, but it's a considerable investment and I'd like to feel more sure about it.
    1) Paul Kittinger's Brioso (TL Labs N26CR & SS Rev 18W8531GOO) -- I've never heard an MLTL, but it's certainly a lovely choice of drivers and great designers involved.
    2) Dan Neubecker Premios (L Labs N26CFR & Esoteric ES180TiA)  -- Is this woofer's midrange up to the level set by the others in this list?
    3) Paul Carmody Carrera (Hiquphon OW1 & SS Rev 15W8530 )  -- Smaller woofer than the company--I imagine it would need to be offset by a sub
    4) Jeff Bagby's Kairos (Satori TW29R & Satori MW16) -- Is this tweeter up to the others in this list?  The time alignment and transient perfect nature appeals to me as I love the Spica TC-50s
    5) Other suggestions around similar price points  (trying to stay under ~$1k for parts not counting wood--sorry, no Accutons, Audio Technology, or RAAL's here)

    For anyone familiar with the model, my target reference would be the Aerial Acoustics 5T which looks like it has a modified scanspeak illuminator tweeter and some sort of 6.7" papyrus woofer

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    You will certainly have a wealth of options from which to choose at that price point, and from what I've read on PETT you would be pretty happy with any of those choices. Maybe also consider some of the fine speakers by Curt Campbell, detailed on his "Speaker Design Works" website, such as The Finalists (although the crossover would need to  be tweaked for the new RS28F tweeter) or The Invictus.

    Dennis Murphy's designs are also highly regarded, too.

    There are many fine speakers out there and your choice would depend on listening habits, room size, etc .I'm sure PETT members who have built these will be happy to share their listening impressions with you.  

    Good luck and have fun!



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      If you end up being serious about my Brioso design, you should know that Transducer Labs went out of business and you may not be able to source the tweeters I used (one of the "other" two well known distributors of drivers apparently still has some).


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          Curt Campbell has the MoreTrix, a 2 way with Morel drivers. It is right at $1K. Available as a kit from a well known Madison, WI speaker supplier. Several cabs, including MLTL.

          Zaph has a couple of older Scan Speak two way designs on his site.


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            I would say many have liked my Nephila, and I'm honored you're considering it. I liked them a lot as well, but I liked my Cecropia better and the Nephila and I parted ways. The key to the Nephila is that it's a modified knock-down cab, and easy to build.

            I also just completed the 'Fenrir', which while is not ultra-expensive, it holds its own as well.

            You have some solid directions to explore there, but I would add Scott Sehlin's "Indium 7" to your list.

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              Check out the SEAS Bifrost as well as the ScanSpeak Lumine.  Some videos of them posted on Youtube.


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                The Aerial Acoustics 5T looks like a PE curved-side cabinet with the Meniscus Aldepos Kit which uses Satori drivers and Bagby's crossover. Very little woodwork required.

                If you use the $52 SB29RDC tweeter insted of $122 Satori TW29RDC you can add a sealed $175 12" SB34NRX75-6 woofer or ported $140 10" woofer for under $1000 total.
                Ask Meniscus to sell you the Aldepos kit with the lower cost SB29RDC tweeters to save $133 toward the woofer(sealed=SB34NRX75-6 or ported=SB29NRX75-6).

                For 3-way crossover:
                --LR2 crossover on midrange = series 120uF + shunt 7mH iron core inductor
                --LR2 crossover for SB34NRX75-6 woofer = series 5mH iron core inductor + shunt 250uF capacitor with 2-ohm resistor to ground.


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                  I have both the Kairos and the Carreras, they are both very nice. The Satori tweeter is no joke, I really like it. The Scan woofer really holds its own so don't be scared away by it's size. I'm not gonna pick and make it easy for you, you will be happy with either one.


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                    CSS is back but the LD25X is not... yet.

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