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Cleaning tweeter dome

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  • Cleaning tweeter dome

    I have a feeling that I know that the answer is...."Don't do it."¬* However, thought I would just throw it out anyway to see if it is possible.¬* I have a DC28FT that seems to have attracted dust that will not come off with gentle blowing or a soft wipe from a cloth.

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    I stole one of my wifeís make up brushes that was still new in the package. It works great for gently dusting all kinds of drivers. The bristles are super soft and very flexible. I use it on my illuminator tweeters.


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      I use a small art brush.
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        I use a pressure washer to clean all my drivers, In reality an artist brush with very pliable bristles¬* using¬* finnese with a little air pressure should do the job without
        damage. Some domes have that sticky coating so you can only remove so much dust. Good luck.


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          Roll a loop of masking tape sticky-side-out. If it feels too sticky, touch it to your palm a few times to tone down the adhesive a bit. A light touch should remove any dust... This worked on my Silkie tweets in the past.
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