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small exciter build.

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  • small exciter build.

    Hey guys, I had an idea in my head but I uave some pretty basic Electronics skills (took electronics 101 in HS 11 years ago....) So i figured I would ask you guys.

    So I work in a warehouse and have to wear a hardhat. I was looking to put an Exciter and a small Bluetooth transmitter inside my hard hat so I could stream music from my phone. Now I know it's not the best idea to put things inside of your hard hat but I work in a warehouse where it is very unlikely my heart had is ever going to get any kind of use. So it's a small risk I'm willing to take. I would obviously need the Exciter, small BT transmitter and a small battery to power it all. I'm good on the Exciter but do you guys have any suggestions on a specific small Bluetooth transmitter and possibly a lithium ion rechargeable battery that I can hook it all up with?

    Thanks so much in advance for any ideas!

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    One other thing i was thinking was i have a JbL clip2 BT speaker, could I cannibalized that since its small, has a BT module and battery already, and just swap the speaker for the exciter?

    I looled at all the BT/amplifier boards on PE and they are all massive. Or at least I should say too big to fit inside of a hard hat.