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A video using garbanzo beans to tune your port or passive radiator.

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      Originally posted by Dirk View Post

      Years of research by THX.

      By having a center channel, on-screen sound elements are forcibly locked into place. If you have no center channel, the center image will drift from side to side depending upon where you're sitting on the sofa. If you only watch movies alone, it's not a big deal, I guess, because you can plunk your rear end down into that extremely well broken-in center cushion. But if you're trying to make "every seat a good seat", then a center channel is pretty much a requirement.

      This is also in line with Bill's comments. The closer the L&R are situated, the smaller the difference in SPL at the listening position, and the less the image drifts.
      So years of THX research says its a fact that using a center channel speaker is better? Or is that just subjective?* I can watch movies and music with just 2 channels and it sounds just as good or better then when using a center channel hence why the center channel speaker is an option and not a requirement.

      Some people don't use Dolby formats at all and use the same two channels they use with music to watch movies.....I prefer not to use any dolby thx formats, instead I find it more natural to my ears to just use 2 channels or 5.1 channels without any dolby surround formats...Using just 2 channels seems to produce the most coherent sound IMO.

      Sure the distance between the L&R matters that's why you have to space them apart at the appropriate distance to your listening position based on your situation and circumstances and not just what your room size allows as there are many other factors involved.


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        I'm really not interested in arguing the point. Do what sounds good to you.
        nothing can stop me now