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  • Focal Data Sheet

    I bought some Focal 6C211S drivers from Zalytron about 15 years ago and want to finally make use of these woofers. Would anyone have the data sheet or specs for this speaker? I can't find anything online. Thanks in advance.

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    That's a very good sounding driver, I do not have the spec sheet, but I could measure them for you.*
    I built a few systems with them like 20 years ago.*
    Guess xmax's age.

    My guess: 15. His grammar is passable. His trolling is good.


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      Should do upper 40s in 0.75cf w/a 2-1/2"id x 7" long port (tuned to the mid 40s).
      Low 40s in 1.0cf tuned to low 40s (2.5" x 6").
      This data is from (older) WinISD "beta":
      Qes 0.39, Qms 6.11 (Qts about 0.36)
      Fs 41.4Hz, Vas 1.06cf, Re 3.1 ohms, Le 0.50mH
      Sorry, but I don't have data for Pe, Xmax, or Sd.