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Woofer Box and Cricuit desginer

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  • Woofer Box and Cricuit desginer

    I just downloaded the above software from Jeff Bagby and tried to run it.
    As he mentions, Excel is asking me for a password in order to unblock the cells in the spreadsheet that are protected. However I have no password, don't recall giving it one when I installed Excel 2007. Does anyone know how to work around this?

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    When you first open it did you enable protected mode, yellow bar and also the one for enable macros? If not open a new copy of woofer box and enable both on them.


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      I know I tried enabling the macros, not sure if I remember about the protected mode. I think I tried that as well however. In Jeff's note about the program on the download site he mentions that it might ask for a password.


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        There is no password required to run this program, but you must have your security settings in Excel set to run macros. Sometimes people have their security too tight. One more thing, the version out there to download will not run well in Office 2016 or in a 64 bit application of Excel. I have a new version almost ready that will run OK. But it is going to have to wait on me to recover first.
        Click here for Jeff Bagby's Loudspeaker Design Software


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          Delighted to hear from you, best wishes for a speedy recovery! I hope you aren't having a lot of pain, but it takes a while pos-top to even feel like yourself. You got home fast, that was great.!

          I discovered that I don't need the password. There is a tab at the bottom of the screen that I hadn't even noticed before that is entitled "woofer" and the screen it takes you to is where the parameters of the driver are entered if its not already in the database. So I've been able to do that much. However, I am not getting the graphs to work, undoubtedly I've missed something that would enable them, but I cannot find it. Probably something simple I haven't done. Any pointers??
          Is there a tutorial for this available?
          A question on the parameters, Vb and tuning, are those what is desired, or are they calculated from something?