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    I currently have the Martin Logan Aerius speakers which have been great for 20 years. Over the last 2 years i have been exposed to the DIY scene which i have enjoyed and built some kits for other smaller systems. To upgrade the current ML i have i would want to go to the Montis which is around 6K. The ML have a great soundstage and i have enjoyed them for many years.
    My question is with this price range around 6k, is there a DIY package that can meet the equivalent and would it be less cost?

    System feeding the speakers is a AVA Synergy 240, AVA Transcendence 10, Schitt Bifrost.

    Speakers are in a 2 or 2.1 system no home theater use.

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    That's a tough question to answer. After 20 years you may be dissatisfied with anything other than another electrostatic. And the Montis does look like a definite upgrade with its built-in DSP. It's certainly the least risky upgrade approach.

    A few ideas to hopefully help you in your search:
    • Any thoughts about buying used? Audiogon has a pair of Montis in 8+ condition with an asking price of $4500. I’d imagine there’s a lot of wiggle room in the price, but the pickup location (NC) may be a deal killer depending on your location.
    • You can ask your question at diyaudio in the “Planars and Exotics” forum. More electrostatic owners hang out there.
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      My living room system is a 5.1 system with OS MTM in the front, and OS TMs in the rear. Center channel is a Pioneer Andrew Jones because uh... it's just how things worked out. It's fine, because the Pioneer is better for dialogue anyway. It sounds pretty nice; the OS MTM/TM dig fairly deep so you can use a nice low crossover point like 50hz which is a big plus in my book.
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        I too own a set of Aerius's. Have for as long as you have. I've replaced the woofers cause I was playing around one day and popped one. My bad, not ML's. Than one panel died so I went shopping. The only thing that came close for me, and the wife, was Magnapan at a price I was willing to pay. The Maggies are larger and it was cheaper to replace the panels on the Aerius's so that's what I did!

        I've DIY'd a few pairs. All of which sound really nice, with my latest, the "Prazise" sounding so good I have trouble finding the motivation to build more! However, I do have two systems. DIY is in the basement and the Aerius's are upstairs in my daily driver system that mostly is used for TV and spinning vinyl on house cleaning day.

        My problem is the wife! Women seem to really like the sound of Electrostatics! The Maggies being ribbons are close and the wife would approve but she still liked the Aerius's better.

        My suggestion,,,,,, enjoy your Aerius's and DIY for a system in a different room.

        Dynamic drivers are just different! They can sound really good but,,,,,, will never be the same as Electrostatic. Unless you want to spend the money for a pair of Raal tweeters. I haven't heard them but from what I read, they may come close. YMMV.

        Good luck and remember,,,,,, it's not the destination. It's the journey! Mark


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          Thank you for the help, the diyaudio did lead me to the Acron ESL from ER Audio, For now i will just keep using the Aerius.


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            I've both a pair of Carver Amazings (yes they have their issues) and Apogee Caliper sigs., I've also heard the high $ 2c3d spectral/mit/avalon acoustics system in its heyday and, have had/currently have, various cones n domes around the house, while the cones n domes do some things better, maybe even measure better, none of them have approached that special sound of the Apogees. There's something special about planars.