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12" Scan-Speak Silver optimum enclosure

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  • 12" Scan-Speak Silver optimum enclosure

    Hello Gents:

    After a 20 year car audio vacation, I am getting back into it. I bought a 12 inch Scan-Speak Silver subwoofer designed for car audio applications.
    Here are the specs:

    I calculated the EBP and it appears that the subwoofer has a preference towards a sealed enclosure.

    From the software modeling I did, a ~1.3 Cubic Foot sealed enclosure will play to a F3 of only ~38Hz.
    A 2.05 Cubic Foot slotted/vented enclosure will yield a F3 of ~28Hz.

    I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks (Hans Zimmer) and female vocalists and want good performance in the lower ends of the audio frequency spectrum. I known even in a SUV, wavelengths of frequencies below 40Hz can extend beyond the length of the SUV's cabin.

    What would you do? I thought of an aperiodic membrane for the sealed enclosure also, but I am not sure if that will provide for a lower F3.

    I have a Mini-DSP C-DSP 6x8 so that will allow me to EQ and correct a lot of anomalies.

    Thoughts on how to proceed?

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    WinISD models pretty much match your F3s, but likes boxes a bit larger.
    Closed for auto. If used indoors for HT (and music) I'd go 2.5-3.0cf slotted (OR use a PR to avoid port complications).
    You CAN go sealed w/EQ if your hardware is adaptable enough. What IS Scan's Pe then, 150w RMS?, or more?


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      38hz sealed sounds a lot like 28hz ported, my 2 cents = go with sealed.
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        Thanks for cross checking my math. This is for a car application in a SUV. The power handling is something like ~500Watts @ 4 Ohms. I have that available.

        Additionally, I think I went purposely smaller on the enclosure at ~1.3 Cubic Feet with the intention of using the aperiodic membrane...but I am still on the fence regarding that.

        Thank you for any other ideas and thoughts.


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          That SS subwoofer will do very well in a sealed box, and I also came up with F3 38hz, which is plenty low for an auto. It will kick butt and produce plenty of tight accurate bass.

          If you've been out of car audio for 20 years, you'll appreciate the higher quality sound a sealed box lends as opposed to a ported box. I became turned off from ported boxes in the late 80's and have only had sealed subwoofers in an auto ever since.

          Some folks love them some sloppy, bloated ported sound, and I hear it all the time when some a-hole pulls up near me at an intersection cranking one note bass at 130db because 'he be coolz'.

          If you have the space, I'd go for 1.5 - 2.0 cf and wouldn't bother with a ScanVent.


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            I ran the numbers at 1.3 through to 2.0 cubic feet and did not see any appreciable difference in F3 from my math calculations. I think efficiency increases when the enclosure is larger, but I have plenty of power already and do not need extra efficiency.
            What am I missing?
            Thank you for cross checking, also. It has been a while since I have done these calculations.


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              You're on the right track. 1.3CF will be fine with .8 Qtc.


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                Here is another, separate question.
                The pole piece is NOT vented.
                I have been told I can router out the rear wall of the enclosure such that the magnet fits into the rear wall, thus gaining mounting depth by allowing the magnet structure to seat into the rear walll of the enclosure. Is this true?

                I damp all of my enclosures with 2 layers of bitumen pad, followed by acoustic felt glued to the walls.

                Thank you.


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                  In addition to finding sealed better for this application I have found "aperiodic membrane" or variovent type devices to not help with modern
                  drivers designed for small boxes. I suggest listen to it, if you find it needs the device add it after the fact I don't think you will need it.
                  If you do, I will sell you some for half price!
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                  My guess: 15. His grammar is passable. His trolling is good.


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                    Why do they not help? Thank you. I bought two Scan-Speak membranes and two Variovents for experimentation.


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                      They may help more in your particular case, when using them with smaller drivers they make very little difference
                      with the impedance curve and FR. I also prefer the sound without them.
                      Guess xmax's age.

                      My guess: 15. His grammar is passable. His trolling is good.