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Excursion as a function of frequency for a known voltage

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  • Excursion as a function of frequency for a known voltage

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for an expression in which Peak Cone Excursion (not RMS cone excursion, and not peak-to-peak cone excursion) is the dependent variable, frequency is the independent variable, and the known constants are any relevant driver variables along with the RMS input voltage from the amplifier.
    In other words, I'm looking for the function that WinISD uses for its Cone Excursion graph.

    This is for an open-baffle application, so Fc=Fs and Qtc=Qts.

    Any ideas?

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    I don't know what the function is but to model excursion just make the box size very large, like 100 cu ft. BTW, an open baffle doesn't necessarily have Fc=Fs or Qtc=Qts. The mere presence of a baffle will alter the specs.


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      The book you want to read is J.E. Bensen's "Theory & Design of Loudspeaker Enclosures", Prompt Publications, Revised Ed. 1996. ISBN-10: 0790610930.


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        billfitzmaurice thanks, I actually can almost do what I need to do in WinISD, but it doesn’t seem to have the ability to enter custom biquads in the filter section. I also was not aware that the T/S parameters changed on open baffles, but after thinking about itit makes total sense. I’ll have to order a precise resistor and do my own measurements in ARTA.
        guitar maestro great suggestion. Book is ordered. Thank you.