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Help with music player for Raspberry PI

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  • Help with music player for Raspberry PI

    I'm planning on using a Raspberry PI along with a Hifiberry Dac for a music player. I want to have the music on a usb flash drive plugged into the PI. I would like Flac support. I want to be able to control the PI with an Android phone. I want to be able to make playlists. Can anyone recommend software that would fit my needs? Thanks

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    I do that with Rune, but Volumio might be the best supported.
    There is a bit of a learning curve to get up and running, but it's pretty smooth once you're up.
    Couple other guys here do similar DAPS on PI.

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      I do what you discuss with a Pi and IQaudIO Digiamp+ using Moode. The Digiamp+ connects directly to speakers, no need for a separate DAC or amp. I also control the the Pi with an Android phone, Samsung S5.
      I suggest you look at the Asus Tinkerboard. I'm using it connected via S/PDIF out, though the sound using the earphone out jack is also impressive. I use a USB or micro SD card for files. At present I'm using the Tinker OS, that however is limited to MP3 files, and no control via android, although, it does support Blue Tooth from the S5. Support for the T-Board is limited, but seems to be growing, that said, the sound from the T-Board is very impressive, and well worth tryling for $55. I suspect support for other file formats, and remote control, will be available soon.