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Speaker driver measurements: 5-8" Woofers

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  • Speaker driver measurements: 5-8" Woofers

    Hi all,

    Much in the same way as my existing 2-4" midrange/fullrange driver testing, I've decided to publish measurements of larger woofers I have on hand too.

    The format is the same as previous testing of smaller drivers with the addition of a new test method to evaluate bass distortion.

    To start us off we have a group of four 6.5/7" woofers. I'll hold off writing my interpretations of the measurements until I have a few more measured and a better idea of the baseline performance.

    You can view the measurements and commentary here:
    Timothy Feleppa's Pages

    Any feedback is always appreciated. Cheers!

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    So great!
    Thanks for all you do

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      Those Dai-Ichi woofers seem to measure pretty well in a simple THD test. Given the "'Straya tax," there's no doubt some Aussies pleased to hear there's an economical option.


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        Yep, impressively low high order HD for a cheaper woofer. Will need some clever crossover work to flatten out the cone resonance at ~1.3kHz though.


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          I've finished testing nine 6.5"/7" woofers and have added commentary and ratings for them.

          Drivers tested:
          ScanSpeak 18W/8545K00
          Usher 8945A
          SEAS CA18RNX (H1215-08)
          Vifa NE180W-08
          Dali Ikon 6 MK1
          Fountek FW168
          Dai-ichi W6S-52
          MCM 55-5665
          Response CW2194

          I've added an Le(x) test which gives some insight into intermodulation distortion, especially important for woofers which are used for both bass and treble, such as in a conventional 2-way with a dome tweeter.

          It seems we have a large group of drivers over a wide price range which do some things well and other things not so well, but I'd say there are no particularly poor performers overall.
          We also have a few very high performing woofers that are a significant step up from the rest.

          Link to results


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            Thank you for your effort and sharing the results with us!