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    Hello Tech Talkers, a few weeks back I made a little boom box with the 300-7300 30W Portable Bluetooth Kit. I added a second battery board for extra life. It sounds pretty good and overall I am very pleased. While I like what it does and feel the output is appropriate, my father wants me to build him one. He is a "more is better" type of guy. I was looking to make a version that would mash up the 100W Dayton Bluetooth amp with a few sets of batteries and the Overnight Sensations. Ideally I would buy the Overnight Sensation parts but not the enclosure. I would like to make it into a single enclosure, maybe even share 1 larger port. If a single port would cause issues, the 2 with the kit is fine as well. Maybe 10 X 5 X 8 inside dimension. The amp and batteries will take up volume that is not yet accounted for. I am no audiophile and neither is pops, but I would like to put something together that is loud, accurate and clean. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    Check out Ceiol's "Dr. Pepper boombox"


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      I believe 10x5x8 is about the size of ONE OS box. If you change the volume, the bass response will be altered.

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        If your buying parts separately, go with the KAB-230 amp board. Of the three KAB series amps, that model is best - no issues. And for maximum output on 8 ohm (e.g. OS) speakers, use a 24 V PS (but an old 18-19 V laptop supply will be very good as well).

        BTW: Nice build. Love the inside mounted woofers with contoured baffle openings. Maybe a soft, handle on top?


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          Thanks for the tips.
          Wolf, the ID's are about 8X5X7 each on the OS, giving me 280 ci. But yes, I think I should aim more like 8X7X10. That will yield double the volume.
          Mike, the rigid front handle is to carry on end and be a bit of protection for the components. This is a garage/camping/general outside toy.


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            boom box in my sig uses the OS's ...
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              Never did post the results...
              Used the KAB-230v3 and 3 battery boards.


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                Lucky father! Although now he can brag that "mine is bigger than yours".
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