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What speaker and amps for 10,000 square feet gym (open space) ?

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  • Millstonemike
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  • What speaker and amps for 10,000 square feet gym (open space) ?

    Hello everybody.

    A close friend of mine is going to start a gym in a big warehouse that is 160 x 65 feet (around 10,000 square feet) and that has an height of 13 feet.

    You can imagine it as a big box of 160 x 65 x 13 feet. There are no walls or columns inside, it's totally empty.

    He needs:
    - Just decent power to broadcast the music around the gym.
    - Possibility to connect the amps to the gym wi-fi, in order to stream over wi-fi the music from an iPad
    - Support for DAB+ (by 2020 all radio will broadcast in DAB+ in my country)

    We are trying to understand which amps and speakers to buy, in order to not to spend more than 3000 USD. The speakers should be wall mounted at around 9-10 feet, or even higher ideally.

    Do you have any suggestion or amps and speakers models we could look at? I have seen a thread from 2011 on the forum, but there is no suggestion on which amps to use and the speakers are to be installed on the ceiling, and we can't do this.

    Thank you.