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OT: Honey, I think I need Brakes

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  • OT: Honey, I think I need Brakes

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    Wow !
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      Just think what those poor guys in Saudi-Arabia are going to have to deal with now that women can drive.


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        Meh, still plenty of metal left. And I bet those vanes grip like a fiend


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          oh my ! i guess semi-metallic brake pads weren't good enough so they kept going until full metallic !?


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            And, of course, the caliper piston was like a dislocated shoulder. New caliper as well.

            On another note; The only time I had brakes fail after replacement was when a shop did them. She had these done one year ago by someone else.


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              Usually they just drill rotors to aid in cooling. This takes it to a whole new level! I’d bet they shed water pretty well!


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                Looks like a redundant Anti Lock Brake system to me.
                Seriously, I've never even seen brakes that bad before. How did they even keep working? Yikes!

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                  Lol, "honey I keep hearing this grinding sound"


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                    Am I seeing that one side of the rotor is gone? Just making sure what I'm seeing there....

                    Yeah, my wife said that recently too. Lightly scored rear rotor. At the age of the car, I'll likely just put some new pads on it.

                    Seems we have bad luck with brakes in terms of wear, but I don't ride them either, and neither does she.

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                      Only 1 year since a shop worked on those? Obviously the rotors were shot then and either they over-turned them or didn't touch them and put on pads. Crap job either way. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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                        My son is working at brake & muffler shop this summer and tells me stories about the dangerous piles of sheet people bring in. He said someone came in last week with no caliper on the left front. They had clamped off the line with a pair of vise-grips. They had been driving it like that for over a month!!
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                          On a side note: Did you know that over torqueing the wheel lug nuts is bad for the brake rotors? It will cause the brake disc to cup inward ever slightly, eventually causing problems. Yeah, some of the guys who change tires for a living will torque the lugs nuts down in a big hurry, exceeding the manufacturers recommended specifications. I learned about not over tightening lugs nuts and potential brake problems from the set of instructions that came with some high performance aftermarket discs I installed on a Honda Accord. So, next time you have your tires changed or rotated, make sure they hand torque the lug nuts. Seriously, some of those guys think 300 foot pounds of torque is no big deal. I once helped a neighbor remove his wheel from his vehicle, it was on so tight, that it took the both of use using a long breaker bar to break the lug nuts loose, my feet were coming off the ground as I was pushing down! It wasn't a rust issue either, they were on way too fricken tight.

                          Many, many years ago I took my car in to have the brakes done. It was the first and last time I'll ever have anyone else do my brakes. Talk about a rush job and gouging you for all the little "extras" that they could find. I won't mention the name of the nation wide company, but there is a certain King that when he touched everything, it turned to gold. Yeah, don't let them touch your brakes.


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                            A couple more miles ... I could have had a high resolution sundial.


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                              these huge chain stores will take anyone who can fog a mirror , show them a couple of videos and put them to work on the most important part of your vehicle ,the stopping part !