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OT: Honey, I think I need Brakes

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    Originally posted by Millstonemike View Post
    A couple more miles ... I could have had a high resolution sundial.
    I printed out one on card stock, from the CANON Creative website, then assembled it.

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      One morning a gal came into work and asked if I could take a look at her car during lunch; said it had made a loud clunking sound when she parked (Plymouth Sundance - I believe).
      When she stopped, the caliper stopped the rotor, but (due to rust and wear, and probably bad design) the hub kept turning and sheared off. Yeow !


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        Originally posted by donc View Post
        these huge chain stores will take anyone who can fog a mirror , show them a couple of videos and put them to work on the most important part of your vehicle ,the stopping part !
        Dealers aren't much better. There's actually time built in to the book time on a brake job to check the runout of the rotor and the hub. Has anyone actually seen a mechanic use a dial indicator during a brake job?


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          Your audio system must be amazing!
          Guess xmax's age.

          My guess: 15. His grammar is passable. His trolling is good.


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            And I thought mine were bad. I replaced the rear rotors, pads, and hardware 2 years ago on my truck (OEM parts) and started hearing a grinding sound from the passenger rear about a week ago during braking. I went to check them out and found this.

            I'm guessing the pad seized in the bracket. Thinking back, I don't think I greased the pins of the caliper or the bracket itself and that may have caused the problem. You can see the disparate amount of wear on the other pad. The brakes never squealed, even as they were getting low. The grinding was the only thing that tipped me off.


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              Like some comedian once said.... " I started hearing a grinding sound coming from the back of the car when I slow down, and I knew that it would cost me several hundred dollars..... for louder speakers!"

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                I had one that ended up like that, turns out the front wheel bearing was working it's way out of the steering knuckle, causing a severe hub/caliper misalignment. Poor design (press fit only? really?) and out of spec replacement parts were to blame.
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