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Crossover help with 4ohm and 8ohm issues

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  • Crossover help with 4ohm and 8ohm issues


    I am building desktop speakers that each have a tweeter and a woofer. Power is an RMS of 160w with 10% THD. All drivers are 4 ohm. The crossover I chose was Dayton Audio's XO2W-2K (

    I misread that it was rated 4 ohm for both drivers. the way the description is written it seems that the woofer side of the crossover is rated for either 4 ohm or 8 ohm and the tweeter side is rated for 8 ohm.

    Now I'm stuck as I know that it technically will work but from what Ive read there will be a gap in freq crossover. It seems like the woofer will crossover at 2k as planned and the tweeter will crossover at 4k due to the freq doubling with impedance. This would leave a gap from 2k hz to 4k hz.

    Could I just add a resistor to the tweeter to bring it to 8ohm?

    Should I try and use an L-pad? All the L-pad's ive seen focus more on volume attenuation instead of impedance match.

    I have not been able to find a premade crossover that has 4ohm for both tweeter and woofer at a reasonable price.

    Thank you for any help as my brain is about to turn off on me!

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    In reality your speakers are nether 4 ohm or 8 ohm, but a range from perhaps 3 to 30 ohms depending on the frequency. That pre-built crossover is based on resistance and doesn't consider the actual impedance of your speakers, which is why nobody here will recommend pre-built crossovers.

    I'm guessing you lack measurement equipment to get the actual impedance / frequency response of your speakers. What are the speakers being used? If they have reliable manufacture data that could help.

    Worst case, build them as is and see how they sound. They may have some funky frequency and phase reponse issues, and you may like them anyway.
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      If the crossovers are in saleable condition you could return them.


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        Thank you for the reply!

        The tweeters are:

        The ohm range for 2k hz up to 20k hz looks like 4 ohm to 5 ohm according to the spec sheet.