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Looking for Advice for 2003 Chevy Avalanche Install

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  • Looking for Advice for 2003 Chevy Avalanche Install

    Hello, first time user.

    I currently have a setup that is lacking in the sound quality department and discussing with a friend of mine he suggested using Dayton Reference components in my truck.

    My Current Speaker setup is Memphis Separates with 6" for the front door and Tweeter in the A pillar in stock BOSE locations. Running off the passive crossover that it came with.

    Rear door speakers are Kicker 5.25 speakers.

    For subs I have 3 Alpine "Base line" 12" subs mounted in the rear wall or "Midgate"

    I have some old school Amplifiers (If anyone remembers Audio ART and the like of the 100MS and similar amplifiers.)

    Subs each have their own bridged Audio Art 100MS amplifier (Put out a measured >300 watts when bridged to 4 ohm speaker)

    The rest of the speakers are currently run off an Audio Art 6 channel amplifier with build in 3 way crossover. (340.E I believe the model number or something similar)
    This amplifier has 2x120 4x35 watts. I currently have the 4x35 watts bridged to 70 watts and running the 120 watt channels to the Memphis speakers and the now 70 watts to the Kicker speakers.

    I am using a 100hz FMOD HiPass as a crossover prior to the 120 watt channels for the front stage, otherwise using the passive crossover for the sound. (Without the FMOD they go way too low bass wise)

    I am using the "2way + subwoofer" mode on the crossover right now. I have the subwoofer crossed over about 80hz and the high pass is crossed over somewhere around 3k. I am running the subwoofer leads to the subwoofer amplifiers at the moment and using just the mid range to the kickers. I am blocking out the higher ranges and just using the kickers as real fill without the higher frequencies.

    Biggest issue for me is that the subs WAY over power the rest of my system. I plan to keep the Alpine speakers as they seem to be well suited for what I am using them for. They each have their own separate 1cuft sealed box with fiberfill in the box.

    Talking to my buddy he mentioned he is running Dayton Reference speakers in his car and loves them. He also mentioned he placed second place in a recent IASCA national audio competition (Last 10 years). So if I am to trust his suggestions I am looking to replace my front components with Dayton Reference components and looking for suggested setups.

    My intent is to make clear, realistic sound. While not quite able to produce orchestra music perfectly I would at least like to hear instruments sound like they would live. Or as close to realism as realistic.

    My truck has the BOSE setup in it although currently only the factory receiver is still in tact. Everything else has been replaced. (Using Audio Control LCi8 for level control, Will be using a PC in the near future.)

    Talking with my Buddy it sounds like the subs are good at the 80hz crossover point.

    But he suggests a full 4 way setup. I am looking at using my 3 way crossover to run the front stage and the subs. My current plan is to perhaps use 7" woofers, 4" midranges and tweeters. I would likely use passive crossovers for the 4" and Tweeters and use the Active Crossover for the Subs, Woofer and to the passive crossover.

    For the rear speakers I will likely stack FMODs since they are just for rear fill if I use them at all.

    I do have an Audio Art 4 way crossover that might make sense as well but don't want to use it if I don't need to. I also have 3 other 100MS amplifers (2x50 rated, 2x75 measured when engine running.)

    What my train of thought currently is, use the 2x120 on the 7" woofers, use 2 x 35 for the high end (4" and tweeters) and the other 2x35 for my rear fill.

    To make up for the sound output of the subs I am thinking I need to double up on the speakers to make the best use of my sound.
    2 Tweeters in each A Pillar
    2 4 inch speakers under each door speakers BOSE speaker mesh
    2 x 7" (8" if they will fit) where the map pockets are now.

    Probably try running 8ohm speakers in parallel so they are 4 ohm loads on the 6 channel amplifier since it is not really a 2 ohm stable amplifier like the 100MS amplifiers.
    Or I could go 4 ohm in series or some other combination to make a decent match.

    Since I have no experience with Dayton Reference speakers I am asking for suggestions.

    The power supplying is taken care of by a dedicated second alternator (250 amp) feeding a second battery which goes directly to the fuse panel that feeds my amplifiers with 1/0 gauge wiring from Alternator all the way to the fuse panel. So I have WAY more power available than I need right now and likely ever will use.

    Just not sure what issues other than trying to tune the staging I will have with such a setup and hoping to gain some insite from those of you that have and maybe are using these products.

    Thank you for the time and suggestions ahead of time. Please be kind, while I attended Metra school back in 1996 I haven't done anything with that schooling in a number of years.


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