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High Pass Filter Circuit....???

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  • High Pass Filter Circuit....???

    I believe that the high pass filter section for the tweeter section is a 12dB filter with a crossover freq of 6400Hz. Can someone explain to me what function does the C4 capacitor and R1 resistor parallel circuit serves in the tweeter section?

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    Looks like a high pass shelf, to raise the level of higher frequencies. The resistor attenuates at lower frequencies, but the cap cuts in to reduce the attenuation. Maybe the tweeter droops a bit towards the high end.


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      Realistic Mach 2... old school!

      The parallel RC is a shaping filter. It will reduce output below the critical frequency where the cap opens up and you end up with a series resistor. Above that frequency the cap effectively shorts the resistor out.
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        It's a contour network.


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          In a sim (which you can run yourself), using an "8 ohm" tweeter (w/flat Z-curve - like a planar), it effectively attenuates the tweeter an additional -2dB IN IT'S PASSBAND (which is roughly the topmost octave) with little change to the Fc (and below). (In my moc sim, I can actually get the same x-fer fn by just using the 2 ohm series resistor, w/OUT the cap.)