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Renovating Existing Credenza - Looking for Driver Advice

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  • Renovating Existing Credenza - Looking for Driver Advice

    Hello there!

    I have a little speaker building experience, but not much, having successfully put together a kit of Overnight Sensations ( as practice. So please forgive my ignorance.

    This is a bit of a different situation: instead of building my own speakers from scratch, I’m looking to find the best drivers to replace on an existing enclosure - that of a mid-century record player credenza that I’m renovating.

    The tricky thing is that behind each baffle is open space, connected in the back. I’ve included pictures and a diagram of the interior of the credenza.

    I imagine there’s a lot of factors that would go into making this sound the best it can be. I’m still fuzzy on amplifier and speaker matching, but for what it’s worth I currently have a PeachTree Nova 300, putting out 300 wpc at 8 ohms and 450 at 4 ohms. I've been using KEF Q300 speakers, which have been just resting inside of the enclosure. My living room is 16 feet wide by 13 1/3 feet long by 8 feet tall.

    I imagine there will be a great deal of eye rolling, so please be gentle with a beginner.

    Credenza Back of Speaker Grill Inside the top

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    Well, you could gut it and redo it or just kinda use it as is. You could put some other speakers behind the slats and some other electronics in if you don't want to use what's in there. The turntable doesn't look like it's very secure, but I could be wrong

    You could remove the slatted panels and replace with grill cloth, retro style. You could fit a subwoofer in the lower middle maybe. You could remove the center wooden panel and replace with smoked glass so you could put a larger amount of electronics on shelves that would work with remote controls. All sorts of things.

    Depends on what sources you wish to use. Do you just "play records", or are you a multimedia kind of guy?


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      I'd keep the slats, they look really nice. You could just use any box speaker that fits behind the slats. Maybe build a cloth grille behind the slats to hide the speakers.


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        This looks like a great project. I second the above about using any speaker cabinet that fits. Or you could build an enclosure into the frame with plywood and pocket screws. Keep the slats though.

        One question... how would the speakers being so close to the ground and below ear level impact the sound? What adjustments might have to be made to compensate?


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          So what's wrong with the KEFs behind the grill? I assume this is for general listening. Maybe add a separate sub and call it done?

          For critical listening I'd consider the KEFs at ear level on stands (on top?) and maybe subwoofers in the cabinet, assuming you can isolate the turntable.
          John H

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            How about Wild Burro Betsy open baffle speakers. I never heard them, but know some people who rave about them.