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Trying to create a crossover filter for the first time.

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  • Trying to create a crossover filter for the first time.

    Hi Everyone,

    I need another set of speakers and this time I'd like to go one step further in my DIY adventures. My last project were Nano Neo mini towers

    So I got my hands on two noname Chinese 5 inch dual cone speakers. And to be honest only because they look so nice and they were only 50$ total.

    The thing is I still don't like big speakers cabinets so I thought why not use them together with a subwoofer/woofer like the w5-1138smf.

    I created ZMA and FRD files with the SPL trace option and am trying to create a crossover with VituixCAD 1.

    I've been playing the better part of a day with simulating different components but I can't seem to get a good looking result. Either the treble is to high or it shows to many ups and downs.

    I have the attachments ready to go, but for some reason the forum log's me out before I can add them, so to prevent typing this for the third time. I'll try and edit/add them later.

    Ok so I managed to get some screenshots attached. Ill add ZMA and FRD files later. Check...

    My basic idea was to build a 8Liter cabinet and put the full range driver in a closed compartment. That would give the w5-1138smf about 7.5Liters vented. I don't care about sensitivity that much as I will be using these on a desk.

    so to recap and get to a question;

    I can't seem to lower the high frequenties enough and keep them flat.
    If I don't use a filter The graph looks better, but then the two drivers would overlap from 50 to about 1000hz..
    So what should I do? Or what would you do?

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    For starters, that FR won't be happy (at ALL) in 1/2 L. That pushes its "Q" up well above 2.0 !
    Even in 4L (sealed/stuffed) its Q is still just above 1, but would probably be OK.
    I also wouldn't suggest anything less than 8L for the W5 (vented - 2"id x 16" long - probably need a "Precision Port" to avoid chuffing).
    Cross around 200Hz (MAYbe higher)?

    Your W5- .zma file LOOKs like its for an 8ohm woofer, not a 4ohm?
    Try starting w/this:
    2nd order HP w/L: 80uF series cap, 3.0mH shunt coil (to gnd). L-pad uses 6n series and 4n parallel. (Attenuating about -10dB probably.)
    For woofer, 7.0mH series (iron core) coil, 150uF shunt cap.
    Crosses under 300Hz.
    Your inefficient W5 is pulling down your much more efficient full-range.
    THAT's why you're almost always better off going active on that sub driver. The amp lets you crank its level up to match.


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      Funny thing is that I already HAD that 5" Chinese driver in my database! (You must have mentioned it on TT once before.)
      I'd tune 0.5cf (14L) to the mid 50s using a 2" id by 4" long port.
      It can take 5w RMS before breaching Xmax near 80Hz.
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        Try inverting the polarity on the full range, it looks like you have a phase cancelation.
        Even though you will probably be making many changes this is something to keep
        in mind.
        Guess xmax's age.

        My guess: 15. His grammar is passable. His trolling is good.