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    Looking for Advice as to which caps and resistors to use , for a pair of Large Advents , Thanks , new at doing this.
    I know the values , just don't know what kind to get.

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    I recommend seeing what's available in those values first. You"ll want to keep the wattage on the resistors, and voltage on the caps relatively the same. Having said that xicons, and bipolar electrolytics are fine, and cheap. Mylar/polyester and Polypropylene are considered better.


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      Is this the type of large advent you have? it's the kind I had. This link shows the crossover schematics on that type. Several variations with different values. My pair had the tweeter switch, bought them in late 1973.

      Dayton or Bennic polyprpylene caps would work for me, Dayton or mills resistors. It's what I buy, perhaps an NPE if the designer says so. Non polarized electrolytic, what's in your picture. The Advent page is by Pete Basel, he posts here.

      The Large Advent Crossover Networks

      Metalized Polypropylene Crossover Capacitors in the Speaker Components Department at Parts Express | 294

      Audio Grade / Non-inductive Resistors in the Speaker Components Department at Parts Express | 301
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        Yes , i have the Rev.1, Thanks for the help.


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          I have had a number of the Advents, Large and Smaller, and found that I preferred the sound with new electrolytic capacitors bypassed by a small value film and foil instead of subbing in any kind of film cap (this is usually done for the tweeter, the lower value cap). Even if you are skeptical of this (the rule of thumb is that film caps are a step up from electrolytic), add some electrolytics to your order (they are cheap enough) and try them out if you find the high end more harsh and piercing when you put the film caps in.


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            djg's link is for Dayton's so-called "Non-inductive Resistors" (10w - "Audio Grade").

            Well . . . DATS shows their inductance as (DAG 5.1ohm @ 1kHz) 0.08mH - so, not really non-inductive, more like "low inductance" (for a wire-wound).
            Thing is, their CHEAP 10w series (like, 1/2 to 1/3 the co$t?) measure 0.08mH AS WELL. They are rated 5.0 ohms, and measured 4.9.
            The DAGs (w/the gold-plated leads, which cracks and falls off if you make too tight of a bend) are rated as 5.1 ohms, and measured 5.0. Just sayin'.


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              Chris, my link also covered Mills brand, also wire wound. Have you (or anyone wishing to comment) checked any of those? They cost more, and the ad blurb says "Extreme measures were taken to ensure sonic purity."


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                I have not; I WOULD like to know if they're any lower in inductance though. Kinda pricey IMO.
                (my point was mainly that I'm just not a fan of the DAG resistors)


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                  I've recapped some Advents. I used Audyn capacitors (the red ones from Parts Express). Replaced the resistors as well, with Dayton Audio brand ones; as they were cheap and I was already in there. Remember that you can wire two capacitors in parallel to add their values together.