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First project ever !

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    Yeah the di noc is more than veneer where I checked on ebay. There is less expensive vinyl.


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      I use Vivvid+ since it received very good reviews and came in a good variety of finishes. It has the benefit of being initially reposition-able so you make fewer mistakes.


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        ok I think I'll just try to do the baffle myslef, after all, I do have a router and a circle jig. I just gotta make sure my jig is small enough to do the hole for the tweeter. By the way, I'm unable to read the woofer and tweeter dimensions in the specs sheet provided my parts express. Do you guys know the exact outer and inner dimensions the holes need to be for the speakers ?


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          Wait until you have the drivers in hand to cut holes.


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            Originally posted by djg View Post
            Wait until you have the drivers in hand to cut holes.

            The specs for the drivers are on the PE products pages, but it is always better to wait until you have the products in hand. Don't forget that you will have to cut 'ears' for the tweeter terminals and their location/size is best worked out using the tweeters. And measure twice, cut once!

            PETT members will also recommend trying out your router skills on scrap before cutting the baffle, this will save you time and money. In my second project I cut the holes before the rebates, which was pretty silly as I had to buy new MDF for the baffles.

            I used paint for my third project: gloss black for the baffles and a dark brown for the cabinet, looks OK from six feet away!

            It's a great hobby and you may not be able to stop at one pair.



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              Originally posted by jhollander View Post
              I've also sanded and painted zinc round head screws from HD.
              Gun Blue will quickly and easily turn many a screw black. Very simple, easy to use.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	3oz_SuperBlue.jpg Views:	1 Size:	129.7 KB ID:	1386017