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    hi I was going to build an EAW sb180zp subwoofer box and was wondering if any of these subs would work with it selenium 18sws800, eminence sigma pro-18a-2, or the eminence omega pro-18a?

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    I believe the driver EAW use in that box is one of the 18" models from 18Sound. If you want to substitute a different driver you'll need to recalculate the ports, and come up with your own processor settings. In essence, designing your own enclosure with the same external dimensions as the EAW.


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      It would be best if you could run some sims. Then you would have a better picture of what to expect. To my eyes, X-max seems a little low on all of the mentioned drivers. I would expect that to be in the 9-10mm range on mid-priced pro drivers.
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