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Favorite budget caps for midwoofer?

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    I also really like the Audyn Q4 caps. I use them a lot and don't consider them low quality in any way. I also agree with johnnyrichards. No level of capacitor quality, no matter how much it costs, can fix a inferior or flawed xo design. An off axis peak (just an example) is still going to be a problem even with the most exotic parts.

    Along those same lines, if you design and build a lot of speakers (the best way to learn this hobby IMHO) it would get quite costly to use top shelf components all of the time. I've personally gained way more design skills measuring/designing/voicing a dozen or so speaker projects that used value priced drivers and budget crossover components than I ever would have if I only designed a couple projects with top shelf stuff.​​​

    For the record, sitting behind a keyboard on the internet, tracing mfg curves or using someone else's on axis measurements, then using a simualtion program like PCD, then posting your results does not constitute a design. There is so much more to the process.


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      Agreed, Craig, that it would be a modeled response, not a design. Without actually building it and voicing it (whether or not you use measurements), you can't resolve any pending/possible issues.

      There used to be a well regarded person on this forum that did a LOT of modeling and not much building. Many people built his stuff. Then Shawn A built a project of his own with an Usher woofer, and what was modeled by the other guy was tried just to see if it worked in practice during his design process. It was a very shouty result, and had to be changed/revised. This is only one example.

      This is the main reason I tend to post my modeling as 'I theorize' threads, as it's just theory until proven. I also tend to put 'preliminary' in a graphic of a xover circuit if it has not been built. There have been models I've done that come out very close, and others that didn't. Some people have built models I've done, and I always state up front if I've not built the model.

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        If you compare caps, you might want to measure the effect on the frequency response of each driver. I mostly own Daytons, but I have caps of other brands that I bought long ago. I have a cap brand that was supposed to be "better", but not crazy expensive. I have switched it in and out of a x-over during the design stages, and the resulting response is different than a Dayton, or other brand of the same value. I have two different values of these "better" caps, and both work as if the value is about 10% lower than other brands. It's like when you change the cap value in a sim, and watch the curve move. Each higher value moves it the same way, but throw in the "better" brand, and it backs up to a response like a smaller value. Make sense? One is an 8uf cap. I just think of it as a 7uf. It's handy at times because it is easy to spot it in my parts box due to the color.