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Opinions on JBL 2-way 8" in-wall deal ($99 for pair, shipped)

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  • Opinions on JBL 2-way 8" in-wall deal ($99 for pair, shipped)

    Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted but I always get good advice here, so here goes-

    I've been considering in-wall speakers for the living room, for music, and just saw a deal come up for a pair of 2-way 8" JBLs, only $99 shipped, which seems like a really good price.
    Here's a link to the deal:

    They are also selling the 6" model for $69, but I would prefer the larger woofer and slightly better specs- (F10 of 30 vs. 38Hz, and 89 vs. 88 dB sensitivity).

    Are there any other options I should consider before pulling the trigger on this?

    I have a pair of Polk 35B speakers (not JBL) that I had previously mounted on the wall, but the SAF on the in-walls is much higher
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    They can be great, but placement is more critical when you cannot move them .
    Be patient, hang them in various places and listen a week or two then try another set of spots, you don't want to go in the walls again after running wires, etc.