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  • Speaker Upgrade

    I have a pair of RtR EXP9V speakers that are in need of new woofers. From the date code I've determined they are ROLA speakers from 1976(2857639). The only other markings on the speakers: 2203 25492. Cannot seem to find any info from these numbers. (model no. maybe?) I would like to replace them w/ something similar/compatible.(8"od) Do I need to do anything w/ the crossover for the new speakers? I am not very speaker literate....thanks...

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    You would need to know the T/S specs on the old drivers to know what to replace them with. I have been able to get such data from guys here on the forum before, so good luck with that. However, the capacitors on those crossovers are probably shot by now too so you might need to rebuild that anyway which potentially gives you more options for a replacement driver, as you would only be bound by the volume of the enclosure.


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      Do you have an emotional attachment to these speakers? Speaker technology has progressed since the 70s. This could be a sign from your chosen deity to get some new speakers.


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        I read where they have rubber surrounds (as opposed to "foam-rubber" - which most likely would be rotted out by now), and are about 1.1cf internally. Are they "closed box", or "vented" (do they have a port tube(s)?). If so, tell us the i.d. and length of the tube. Are you in Wisconsin?


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          The speakers are working now, just not much paper left. There are no other numbers/markings any where...Just looking to replace the drivers w/ something similar, but don't know what I have. Thanks for the replies.....


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            Might try posting some photos of the cabinet and drivers, including out of cabinet back / sides of the drivers. Several folks around here have been able to identify some in the past that way. Worth trying given how limited the info appears to be.
            Feel free to rip my assumptions apart when wrong, or fix if close.

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            For woofer(s) with large Xmax vs Sd, all PR(s) with Xmax at-least double all woofer(s) Xmax will work.
            A PR max weight is said to be its Mms x3

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