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Pioneer ts m800 pro enclosure recommendations

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  • Pioneer ts m800 pro enclosure recommendations

    hi all,

    just got got some of these mid bass speakers and can’t find any t/s specs or enclosure recommendations. Can anyone give suggestions please



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    If pioneer didn’t include any parameters as a guide or even basic recommended enclosure volume, I would venture to guess they are intended for use in an infinite baffle (or leaky large sealed) enclosure such as a door or walled off trunk or storage space.

    you could try to email pioneer for ts specs or recommend enclosure data.


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      Or better yet, follow these instructions:

      and you can measure your own parameters which will be more accurate than the pre-production sample numbers that pioneer would give you, if they even have them or will provide them.


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        What are your intentions?

        Does the fact that even the mfr. doesn't have any T/S parms to share tell you something?

        They're 4ohm. 8" dia. Rated at 180w RMS. Fictitious resp. range of 50-18,000Hz (ONE reviewer guesses 70-1000Hz, IF you use a high-order high pass). More like mids than mid-basses. 96dB sensitivity rating (also fictitious??). Meant to go in a car door. You could probably just use them in a closed box of approx. 1 cu.ft.

        Bring them over and I'll measure them quick.