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Waveguide for Peerless DFM-2535

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  • Waveguide for Peerless DFM-2535

    Curious what the more experienced audio connoisseurs would recommend. Looking for a waveguide to match the Peerless CD with an 8 inch midbass. Faital STH100, B&C ME10 or ME20, 18 Sound XT120, SEOS 10? Will I need to buy a few and compare them active with minidsp?

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    Have you looked at the following:

    Your project is interesting, if you find a suitable wg design, I may be able to help you with it.


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      i've used the LTH102 with very good results


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        Have not yet tried this combo, but I'll bet the Eminence WG10 would mate well with an 8" driver crossed over at about 1.5kHz (maybe even up to 2kHz). The LTH102 would probably be OK, but you might need to cross over even higher (you want the beam-width of the mid to match the WG at the crossover frequency). So I think the LTH102 would like a larger mid. The STH100 would probably be a better choice than the LTH102, but as a cheapskate I prefer the WG10 at half the price.

        Of course, actual measuring and listening in YOUR room beats all conjectures. All the waveguides mentioned have different patterns (CD, Tractrix) so they will light up the room differently and hence, sound different. You have to like what you hear ;-)

        Please do report back!