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Sure/Wondom Bluetooth board having issues...

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  • Sure/Wondom Bluetooth board having issues...

    Hey guys... was wondering if any of you had issues with this Sure Bluetooth board...

    I've had 4 or 5 of them and have had issues with all of them of some sort. When they connect and stay connected, they're really nice... great sound quality frankly.
    I just have issues connected them to some of my devices. My iPad (5 yrs. old) and my iPod (2 yrs. old) seem to do reasonably well connecting and staying connected. But... my new cell phone and a few other devices seem to have issues linking and working initially.

    I don't know exactly how these things work, but is there possibly a problem with the 4.0 side of the board as opposed to the aptX side, which I believe is the Apple protocol connection? Does it even work that way?

    I do know that they use the smaller 2.1 mm inner shaft on the power input, initially thought that may be the issue on a few of these but it's not.

    Just seems strange that I've had a bunch of these, and they all seem to be really fussy with initial connection as well as staying connected. It's a real nice unit when it works, but I'm getting a bit aggravated with its lack of dependability. Thankfully, all the ones I've given away to friends/family have all ended up working okay for them with their Bluetooth enabled equipment, even though they are spotty with mine.

    What has been your experience with this board... and are there other comparable boards which do not have these issues that you know of? I don't need one now, just thinking for the future.
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    I have used a lot of these and never had an issue connecting or switching sources. They have been the most reliable units I have used. If you new cell phone is a new iPhone they have BT5.0. If so, that might contribute to some of the issues. If you do have multiple sources that have been paired and are turned on and in range, It will cause connection issues as the unit will be getting pairing requests from multiple devices. I have had issues with this specifically.
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      Gordy is correct. If multiple devices are paired and more than one are turned on it won't connect properly. Having said that, I've experienced a similiar problem with other BT boards. Tablet and ipod are good, but cellphone randomly drops from time to time. Once it starts to act up, it happens very frequently forcing me to switch the source. I've attempted to research the problem, and found that people have experienced BT problems after certain phone updates.


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        I built a Sprite boom box for a buddy a while back and used this module along with a 2x15 watt Sure amp. It worked great for about a year, then it stopped connecting. I ordered another one from PE and installed it. The new one had issues connecting right away. I tried several different Android devices with no luck. I gave up on the Sure Bluetooth module and replaced it with a wall jack style which has been working great over a year now. I've also had issues with the Sure 2x30 watt amp bluetooth boards. I will still buy Sure amps, but not anything they make with bluetooth.


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          Thanks a lot for the input fella's.
          I do have a new phone, but it's a Samsung Galaxy XJ sky pro... sound weird? Well, it's a Tracphone type of phone for increased cheapness. It's my first cell phone in probably 11 years or so. It uses Bluetooth version 4.1.

          Since I've used several of these same boards, I did see a list of several 'sure' devices in the available Bluetooth list. I had all devices search for new though, and still had issues. I leave all my doo-dads Bluetooth 'off'
          since I really don't 'use' Bluetooth anyway, and
          to save battery.

          I see some less than stellar reviews on the product page, and just wondered how many actually have issues with this. At the price, I feel it should really work perfectly, I consider it a 'Premium' type of product, and I've always liked Sure brand boards, I sort of considered them bulletproof, but this thing is making me mumble/grumble. Since I've had the same issues with all of them, I'm sure it's not a 'defect' on any one of them, probably just the way they function in general.

          Anyway, like I said, the recipients are happy with their devices and they work fine for them, and that's the main thing I guess.

          Thanks again for taking the time to give some advice.

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