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    I think that looks great, nice work. How do they sound? That driver combo could sound real nice. I did a set with the 6” dynavox and xt25 and was pleased with the result.


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      I just got one speaker completed, and without measuring equipment can only compare the speaker to my baseline using music and my ears. I'm setting this up next to my Baronettes, which use the bigger brother woofer, and the Morel CAT 308 Tweet.

      I'll say that I'm not happy with the sound of the design I created (posted at the end of page 1). Vocals are not as clear, and the sound is "off" in comparison. I spent about 1 hour messing with the crossover settings in my receiver (Onkyo tx-nr676), which allows independent EQ settings for Front/Center/Surrounds, and and if I run the system in 6-channel stereo, with just a "center" and one "front" speaker, I can get the sound of the two speakers to be very close, provided I set the 2.5kHz band down -4dB on my design. It takes a tiny bit of 60Hz boost to get the bass to be close as well.

      I may just end up fixing my issues with the eq, but though I would solicit again...are there any members close to the NOVA area that might be willing to do some measuring? Any thoughts on the sim and what i'm descrbing as the "fix"?


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        I find vocals sound forward / clearer when the ~ 3KHz area is flat / prominent (especially for female vocals). In your case - you said they weren't AND introduced a BBC dip to fix that?

        One possibility is your phase tracking is off leading to some "smear". (being very technical here).

        Did you subtract manufacturer conditions (IEC baffle) and apply your intended baffle diffraction to your files - before you extracted minimum phase? Baffle diffraction can really play a part in the 1KHz+ area for BOTH drivers and you could have a dip not in your simulations depending on driver placement and proximity to baffle edges

        You didn't mention an imbalance of bass / treble so I'm assuming the amount of BSC is appropriate.


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          I used the manufacturer conditions (IEC baffle) and simulated the baffle step and diffraction of my 12"x7.5" baffle in Response Modeler. I did not back out the IEC baffle, as I assume the baffle was large enough to not introduce any significant diffraction in the crossover region. The files attached are my traced files, and files modeled with the smaller baffle, and Minphase then extracted. I think I have a phase issue, as I don't seem to be able to hear any significant difference playing a 3kHz test tone with the correct versus revers polarity. My sims show a -20db difference, and it doesn't sound that way.
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