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DC160 4 ohm vs 8 ohm Le

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  • DC160 4 ohm vs 8 ohm Le

    I was comparing the two woofers and see that the 4 ohm version has an Le of .99mH while the 8 ohm has 2.26mH. So, if anybody has compared distortion measurements and/or heard them side by side, does the lower Le of the 4 ohm version equate to lower mid-range distortion for this woofer? If so it would be a better choice for a two way than the 8 ohm version.
    Just wanted to through this out there.

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    You have to compare Le relative to Re for the two drivers. They're not hugely different. Response isn't all that different within the 2kHz pass band. The effect of the higher Le relative to Pe of the 8 ohm version on both the impedance and response is above 2.5kHz, where I wouldn't be using either based on the off-axis response.


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      Well put. Thanks Bill.