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10" Dayton reference subwoofer build

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  • 10" Dayton reference subwoofer build

    Quick question for all you sub builders out there. I want to recreate the sub in this kit ( with the Dayton reference HF drivers instead of the HO drivers and also in passive form instead of with the plate amp. I really want a small sub with deep, controlled bass, and I was shocked that this sub is basically a 13" cube. I don't need high output so I thought the HF drivers would be more suitable for my build. Here's my question: if I purchase the reference 10" HF driver and the two passive radiators, can I simply copy the box size from the kit to create my own sub of the same dimensions? Will changing from HO to HF drivers and removing the plate amp affect the optimal size of the box?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have.

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    Quick answer: No. The HO and HF drivers have different box size requirements.
    Brian Steele


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      Don't get hung up on "High Fidelity" vs. "High Output", that really means nothing. Their parameters are different enough to change the box requirements, if that kit fits your requirements just build it similar without the plate amp.
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        Once I read that the intended difference between the HO and HF series was the HF is useful to higher frequencies, more like a regular woofer. Not sure how true that is.


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          Thanks for the input folks. From the specs it's clear that the HO can handle higher wattage amps, but does HF really just mean it can go higher? I swear I read somewhere that it was supposed to go lower. Or does the HF just have less distortion?


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            If you look at the specs fo each, the HF requires a larger box and has a lower F3 compared to the HO. Sounds like the HF fits your use better, but you can't use the small box.


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              WinISD ( ) is a FREE box modeler (and it's FUN !). If you want to model PRs, get the "Pro" (alpha) version.
              If you HAD the 265HF-4 (and could stand a 15" cube - only 2" larger), it can get down to within a few Hz of the HO, and do it w/a single PR.
              For what you want though, there's not much point.

              Your biggest problem will be trying to passively roll the thing off. Then (w/out an amp) you'll have no (good) way to adjust the sub level to match your mains.

              The plate amp doesn't just cross the sub over (but it DOES do that, and it's VARIABLE - which a passive XO won't be, so you can make adjustments to it) it also makes the sub's volume adjustable. It also takes the sub load off your main amp, so it doesn't sweat so much.


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                Sounds like HO is the way to go. There will be independent amplification for the sub with dsp crossover control although I haven't settled on a particular solution yet. Looking at iNuke with dsp or possibly another power amp and MiniDSP. Thank for the help everybody. Time to get the box built.