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How do I stop buzz from new LED lights?

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  • How do I stop buzz from new LED lights?

    IT's been a while since I've been around here -- life happens.

    But the good side of that is that I've just finished a 32' x 48' workshop and am moving into it so I can have room to find and finish some of my projects!

    Downside is that I bought 33 8' LED fixtures from a friend who got them direct from China. The shop is bright but the radios are now noisy -- bad 60 cycle buzz.

    Is there a filter that will take it out or am I stuck with music from a tablet, etc?

    (Not that getting "news" is of any interest these days ;) )

    Any suggestions, good experience with PE items?

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    I suspect the power source for the cheap lights are the source.
    a genuine industrial-grade RFI filter ( Corcom or Cornell-Dubilier ) might work.
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      LEDs can't cause noise. Bad ballasts can. I recently replaced all my florescent tubes with LED, and as the ballasts were all old style magnetic ballasts I replaced those with Robertson electronic ballasts. They haven't caused any noise. There's nothing special about the Robertson brand, any good quality ballast will do.