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OT Charity giving during the holidays.

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  • OT Charity giving during the holidays.

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    I think that will be nice since it is only a few days before Christmas and it's the time of year to share a blessing with others. I have recently donated some dog bath supplies to an animal shelter. Care to share what happened on the event?
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      Our Charity giving started months ago. Between sending care packages out to our troops we have also become foster grandparents to two children that are in inpoversed neighbor hoods. Their mother works hard but just can't make ends meet so we have picked up santa clause duties for 3 years now.
      As parents to 5 of our own, who are mostly grown this gave us a chance to give back in a way that is paid back. Ten fold the joy we get from helping the kids is a satisfication I have never known from an adult or one of my own 5 children. We also make sure that any items that we no longer use get donated to the local good will for people in need.