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Retro fitting the t lines to be have a tweeter

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  • Retro fitting the t lines to be have a tweeter

    Guys, ive been thinking about updating the t lines I built and would like to add a tweeter/cross over to them. I like the idea of the mariposas's as I already have the driver and I don't want to spend too much. My question is as I don't really understand how a crossover actually looks assembled does anyone have a photo of how it is wired up and with the resistors does it matter between a 5 and 10w?

    My t lines, I like how they sound, but I feel sometimes that the highs are quite noticably sharper ie if somebody is talking after music track has played

    I'm trying to be budget concious here, so not looking to replace the drivers, but could be talked into.rebuilding the boxes if it will improve the performance as I have some scrap timber still (ie free )

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    If you think the top end is too "hot" (that TEBM driver DOES have about a +4dB "rise" into the top octave) just try putting a 0.25mH coil (#20 is FINE) between your speaker wire (from the amp) and the "+" term on your cabinet. That should flatten the top end out (no need for a tweeter really - not if you HAVE (too many) highs).


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      thanks Chris, will try. I think i need to redo the T-Lines.

      I put the two side by side and played the same content and wow the difference is very noticeable.

      The boombox has a 2x30 DA board (19V) and the T-Lines have the DTA2 (12v) and the other noticeable difference is the boom box has that BSC added to it. Based on experience from the masses is this enough to show such a difference in sound quality? I had help with a few items like sizing, tuning the port and the BSC from Chris and the T-Line i just copied another design on the DIYAudio forum, so wondering if the T-Lines are either under powered, needing the BSC or undersized? I know this is vague at the best with providing no data apart from my impression, but didnt expect such a difference.

      I'm aware someone "may" say the two power supplies are like comparing a 4cyl v V6 etc, but i'm relatively inexperienced in this field and like to hear personal opinions of others