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Driver selection help for floor standing towers

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  • Driver selection help for floor standing towers

    looking for some input on what woofers and tweeters to use in a set of sealed cabinets. I'd like for them to have a roll off of around 50/60hz, I have a transmission line that's tuned to 20hz that plays from 10-50hz so the towers don't need go so low. I'm wanting to go sealed so I don't have the nasties that comes along with ported mids and lows in different cabinets.

    I'm thinking 8" woofers should be the choice to reach that low in a sealed cabinet, or are there any 6.5s that will reach that?

    So far my idea is 4 8" woofers and 1 tweeter per cabinet also looking at Morel, Aurum, Dayton Epique, Wavecor, Peerless, etc.



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    Use the (free) WinISD program from and go nuts! Bottom end reach isn't determined by driver dia., but by Qts and Fs. Drivers w/a Qts near 0.40 and an Fs in the 25-30 range should get you where you want to be.