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Walnut Baronettes Build

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  • Walnut Baronettes Build

    Just a warning - this build will be in fits and starts. Such is life with toddlers!

    Today I had about an hour and a half in the garage so I managed to plane two large walnut boards. These are bookmatched as I had the shop resaw a 2" thick plank and I now have two 3/4" planed boards.

    Next step will be jointing the sides and cutting to rough part off, then I will be cutting a strip of 7 inches through each board that will be long enough for the sides and top. I will miter those pieces to get a continuous flow of the grain as well as a bookmatch grain.

    Baffles will be single pieces of walnut. We will see how far I get! The parts (excepting one CAT308 tweeter) are sitting at the border waiting for pickup. Weeeee!!
    Click image for larger version

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    In this first pic I sanded the nearest board (just 120 grit) after planing and splashed some rubbing alcohol on it just to see the colour. LOVE it.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Here's a close up of one. There's some really nice character here along with some large birdseye flecks - didn't notice those when they were rough boards!
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    Beautiful lumber. Good luck with the 45min-2hr sprints in time.
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      Gorgeous pieces! Looking forward to your build log.

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