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Best location for port and placement of.driver?

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  • Best location for port and placement of.driver?

    Guys, having a bit of play with some.scrap pine and decided to kerf a piece in lieu of mitre joints. This "could" be a direct replacement for.the T-Line enclosure I previously built. Bit disappointed I had to use a brace this time to get the one piece to close....the the glue was adequate, but I did also give the a day to.dry.

    I would like to have a rectangular port less that 85mm wide, guessing 10mm high maybe on the front and use a round over bit on the router to pretty it up.

    The box should he about 0.15cuft to have it tuned to around 61Hz, used same as

    So considering this as it stands is 85mm wide (add 2*18mm pieces for ultimate width) and a front internal height of 305mm, which tapers off to the back, where do the gurus suggest the best placement is for the 3.5" Tectonic TEBM65C20F driver?

    I have added the TLines in for scale. I used the more expensive speaker as inspiration, hence the previous post of "passive radiators are they worth it" as I was going to mount one on the side

    Also i realise there is really no comparison, i just liked the shape and look of these, just not the $6900 price tag and these beautiful speakers also have a 5 1/2 sub, where mine will not.
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    If these are for desktop use, ideally (unless you actually don't like the TEBM's on-axis highs) you'd like to aim them at your seated-ear-height.
    There's nothing wrong w/the overall layout of those BOENiCKEs. I think your port will only need to be about 5" long or so. (Generally a rear-mounted port has less potential to cause audible "problems".)


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      Thanks as usual Chris I made a mistake with my calculations on the kerfing as the radius I chose was too small and I made a decision on the fly without thinking about the implications. I traced it and put it into CAD and actually will have a 0.170cu.ft enclosure and can tune this to 59Hz as you've suggested on the previous post.

      I've picked a location which will point towards my seated ear height, which I'm 6'2 well actually it will be more seated neck height.


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        Chris, what do you think of the attached? do you think in your opinion that 59Hz is the lowest i can go without substituting anything? the Baffle is quite narrow considering the total width is 121mm and the driver is 95mm extents is wide. The boombox had a much wider baffle, so not sure if the combo of inductor and resistor in parallel are still relevant.

        i was looking to do some router work for the port, but place it at the rear as suggested, but it would appear that increasing the port surface area increases the length. I have some conduit down in the garage, which i think is 20mm, 25mm and maybe even 32mm, which i can use if required.

        I realise that in the grand scheme of things that these are budget drivers, i just enjoy a challenge of pushing them to their limits and try to make them sound better than what they are, so any advice will be taken
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          That box model looks fine (one of many). Uh... if anything, the boombox (mostly 'cause the driver is "reinforced" by a table/counter top) is the one that would need less baffle-step comp., not the other way around. So, I'd plan on using the LR filter on these as well. (Did you ever try rolling the top end off any on your T-lines, and apparently you didn't see the same need on the boombox?)


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            As in putting the coil on the + on each? No I haven't tried that yet, I would have to order the parts and still waiting for payday unfortunately. I think the bright part of drivers was the podcasts I was listening to more than anything and I had a different chair for.sitting at my desk to watch Videos or play games that put my lower than the speaker, which may have played a part.