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MiniDSP & Raspberry-Pi

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  • MiniDSP & Raspberry-Pi

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use the MiniDSP 2X4HD with Raspberry-Pi or the Asus Tinkerboard?

    I can see a way to play music through these using the analog or S/PDIF connection but am not sure it's possible to control the MiniDSP using the R-Pi or Tinkerboard board rather than a Windows machine.

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    Interesting question. Running the software for the MiniDSP would have to involve some sort of x86 emulation, since the Pi uses an arm processor. I know people do this, like seen in this article. I have minimal experience with it, but I would imagine the additional Windows .Net framework and Adobe air libraries required to make the MiniDSP software work would add additional complication to this. Even if you got to this point, you'd need to get it to then interact with the hardware.

    Regarding the DSP-408, however, I'd imagine you could run a build of android on the Pi, attach the bluetooth dongle for the 408 to the Pi, and then run the Android app for it. I could try this one day, it sounds fun.

    I think it would be more likely to be able to get the Windows application for the DSP-408 running on the Pi using x86 emulation vs the MiniDSP application, but then I'm still unsure if you'd be able to interact with the hardware at all, and if you can, it would probably be tough.
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      If you want something that works with raspberry Pi have a look at the Beocreate.
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