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  • Rec's for new HT setup

    So I am getting the itch to build new HT speakers but am on the fence of where I want to head with the new ones. I am fairly certain I want to go pro-audio. The LFE is gonna change a little but mostly stay the same, just put the 18's in horn's and out of the undersized sealed enclosures and keep the 13's in their oversized sealed.

    I have always wanted to build the DIYSG Elusive 1099's, but am looking and weighing other options, and honestly would love some recommendations. I'm planning on pulling my screen out from the wall, going AT, and putting speakers behind them. The E99's are about as big as I would like to go, about 3ft tall. For surrounds I was thinking volt's of some variation.

    Room is approx 14x17. I figure I can go with a cutoff of 60ish hz for the front stage. Seating is approx 8-10 ft from the screen.

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    The DIYSG HTMs come in two sizes and would be matched and coherent. Looks like the smallest size is gone. The DIYSG Titans are overkill.


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      After some research, I decided on the 1299's for L/C/R. So far, I only have the center built in the stock dimensions and it seems to do very nice. Currently have Statement II's for L/R, but those are going to my living room for just 2-channel use. I built my 1299 L/R as tall, sealed towers at 53" tall, so a bit out of your dimensions haha. I will say that to level match my center to mains, the L/R are set at +3db, but my center is at like -11db I don't have the drivers for the L/R yet, but the towers will at least be ready.

      This probably didn't help much, but this is the route I am going. I am also between the Volt 6 and Volt 8's for my surrounds, but they sound like they should match pretty well.

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